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The RLCraft Wiki is a community made wiki which goal is to cover everything that the Minecraft modpack RLCraft has to offer, & will also give public information to new users that want to learn and explore lore, strategy or info they didn't know about. The wiki was founded on August 22th of 2020 by Quarnds. The Wiki has over the year changed how it stored content for users to use, and the first setup was really messy and not userable, so it got refreshed from the buttom & up.

RLCraft is developed by a person going under the name Shivaxi, and with help of the many developers for all individual mods, RLCraft will get updated more frequently. The mods that RLCraft uses are made my minecraft developers whom have obligated themselfs to help Shivaxi keep the modpack stable, and with fewer bugs. You can also read about what the RLCraft Wiki is a part of, and one the thing is every RL (Real Life) project, will be linked on the wiki if you want to learn more about RLSkyrim,RLCoop or RLDM/RLBR.

Wiki Definition

In this section will we talk about: What a wiki is while knowing if the place is workable with all these features given to the hand of unexpierence new-comers.

What is a wiki?

In short a wiki can give users the ability to establish information on a online library, which job is to store all the important content that new-comers, or experienced members want to public share with others.

  • The word Wiki means fast in the language of Hawaii'en, and it has a global outreach, which means unexpierenced people know about it.
  • The most asked question:

    Do know what wikipedia is, and have you heard of it?

The platform that is being used is called Mediawiki.

If you want a more deeply explanation check out wiki.

General stuff to learn on the wiki

  • RLCraft modpack updates
  • Teach yourself rlcraft strategys
  • If you need help to find around, check out the 'Navigation' tab.
  • How to install rlcraft for Minecraft, check out the 'Install' guide.

How to work on the wiki

How do i edit?

To get started editing, make sure you have an account by clicking Log in or use the Create account, if you heaven't got one.

You can edit a page by clicking the Edit tab, and if you want to make a page you can search the page in the 'SearchBar' or follow the create page.

In some circumstances the edit tab isn't visible, and that's because the page is protected from regular members.

Once you have click on the tab, you will be greeted with a empty or filled white page, where you can now start editing the page.

When you are ready to publish that page click the Save changes to make the page take effect.

Editing Tips
Click the show preview tab to make sure the page follows the style guide
If editing a special page, you should always check that the style is following that guide.
To prevent a lot of small edits clogging up the wiki, please look after other errors on the page before saving the edit.
When saving a page you can even choose, how to detail the save by clicking the 'Minor edit'.

If you want a detailed editing guide, feel free to check out the edit tutorial on Wikipedia.


When you want to link something you can use the parameter:


And it will show the page being linked to.

For further information check out Help:Link.


Uploading a picture, file or video can be found by using the 'Navigation' tab. You can also follow the tutorial guide earlier up.


  • You can find help by using RLCraft Wiki Discord.
  • The RLCraft IRC chat can also get you started, heres the link IRC.

The people whom is in charge

The wiki is runned by freely RLCraft community volunteers, that want to support the wiki in anyway they can. All contributers must follow the Terms of use policy, to make sure everyone has a safe space to be.

Interesting statics