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Discord is a massive online browser VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), where it let users communicate with a lot of new or old members.

The RLCraft Wiki Development discord server, has a lot modden features, where people can ask, support or discuss with other community members. The main reason for the server, is to ensure everyone gets help and come up with useful ideas that could be inserted on to the wiki.

Joining will also let you find all of the staff member as Moderators, Administrators and Bureaucrats, you will also be able to apply for the Feedback Team application which gives you the ability to contribute with cool and inspiring ideas that can improve the wikis design, look and feeling.

When you connect to the server, will the overlook feeling seem basic for must users, where you will find discussions channels and voice chat room, but the server also encourage you to check out the annoucements & support channel if you need help.

If you follow this link to the RLCraft Wiki Discord, it will give access to an invite, where you first have to agree on the server rules before accessing all the features.

Discord Rules

The server follows Discord community guidlines, so be aware not breaking or having a bad behaviour that course to a server ban. Below this will be some of the rules that anyone have to follow.

  1. We do not condone any form of denigration or bad behaviour, Banter is allowed without going overboard. So remember to treat others like you wanted to be treated.
  2. Please don't ping staff members, if you need support they will come to you or other community members will answer your question.
  3. Using NFSW is totally forbidden and course your account to permanent banned without no warning.
  4. No spam is allowed, and if we find you spam/flood the channel with useless garbage, the result will be a first warning, after that the punishment will increase with either a kick or mute.
  5. If we caught you vandalism pages, the punishment will be equal on the wiki as well the discord server.
  6. The discord rules will 100% apply on the wiki, so don't be a jurk breaking the rules and creating caous.

Information Channels

Under this section will you find the general discussion channel alongside the off-topic chat, if the community requests more channels, they can be added.

Support Channels

The support channel is for users that need help regarding general wiki stuff, or have no idea how to edit a page. Always remember not to flood the support chat with useless question or if the question has already been answered.