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How do I edit?

You can edit a page by following the wiki's edit guideline, at how to edit.

How do I translate on the wiki?

If you want to translate on the wiki, you can follow the translations guideline.


How do I get starting in RLCraft?

The first thing to get started is getting the basic tools, by following a RLCraft tutorial on a wiki, youtube video or beginners guide to RLCraft.

How do I search for items in RLCraft?

In RLCraft you can use the JEI gui on the left of the inventory screen by pressing "E". You will get a searchbar in the bottom of the jei that you can use to search for items.

Where can I find the mods that are in RLCraft?

When you open the pause menu in rlcraft you will find mods, under the Mods selection menu.

If I use the JEI gui, can I search for a specific mod?

Using the JEI if you type @ in the searchbar and type the mods name, you will find everything that the mod adds to rlcraft.

Can I use TLauncher for RLCraft?

It is general frowned upon using TLauncher to launch RLCraft, because you're violating the anti-piracy act that have been published by Mojang.

Will Dragonsteel be added to RLCraft?

The answer will be No, because there will be no point in adding a item that can be crafted into dragon armor, that will have the same toughness as Golem Armor. Also adding dragonsteel will also add new dragon ai, which is broken.

Will ThaumCraft be added to RLCraft?

The same answer is No, reason why is thaumcraft will break how rlcraft works, and shivaxi will have to rework the whole config, which will never happen.

Does Tinkers' Construct have a change to be added in RLCraft?

No, because Tinkers' Construct will differently break the core mechanic in rlcraft. Also the tools in Tinkers' Contruct would be way to overpowered.