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Welcome to a Installation Guide for RLCraft. In this tutorial will you be learned, how to install RLCraft without having no knowledge on how minecraft modspacks are installed. We will introduce a couple of ways, how you would install RLCraft on a windows operation system.


Before you start installing RLCraft on your computer, make sure you're running a Windows system, and your have the minimum required specification to run rlcraft on the hardware. If you don't have the minimum required system to run rlcraft, then you're mostly on your own terms at this point to continue installing rlcraft, as low hardware can course issues or minecraft memory leaking.

Minimum System
Processor Intel Core i5-6000 series AMD Ryzen 3 5300G
Graphic Card Intel-HD Graphics AMD Radeon 400th gen
Memory 8 GB RAM 8 GB RAM
Storage 50 MB available space 50 MB available space
Recommend System
Processor Intel Core i7-8000 series AMD Ryzen 5 5600G
Graphic Card Nvidia 1000 / 2000th gen AMD RX 5000 series
Memory 16 GB RAM 16 GB RAM
Storage 50 MB available space 50 MB available space
Overpowered System
Processor Intel Core i9-12000 series + AMD Ryzen 9 5900X +
Graphic Card Nvidia 3000th gen + AMD RX 6000 series +
Memory 64 GB RAM + 64 GB RAM +
Storage 50 MB available space 50 MB available space

Minecraft Launchers

The easiest way to install a minecraft launcher, would be to install launchers on google, but since you wouldn't be able to find RLCraft on most common launchers. There excists a lot of different Minecraft modpack launchers on the market for users to download, install & run minecraft modpacks. The best solution for unknown users, would be to install Curseforge, as the software will create a profil for you, afterwards you can go under the Minecraft mods part, and install rlcraft. In this section we go over the install part, and setting up rlcraft for the first time.

Installing Curseforge

How do I install curseforge, well the first step is to search it on google, which gives you a page, where you can install the application onto your computer. After installing the application, make sure you install it on the right drive you want it to be installed, since it makes a different depending on which type of harddrive you install it on. If you want the best performance, then curseforge should be installed either on the SSD or NVMe.

Profil Setup

Since its recommended to setup your profil on curseforge will we go over that real quick, so if you have a twitch account you can link it to your curseforge account, and you can also choose to make discord talk to. Before you install RLCraft, make sure you have a Minecraft account from Mojang or Microsoft, since it will be needed for in order to play the modpack.

How to Install RLCraft

When you first launch Curseforge you will get to a page, where you can choose which game you want to play, and since RLCraft is a Minecraft modpack you should click on that. Now you should get a blank page under the section called "My Modpacks", afterwards feel free to click the Browse Modpack button. Here you should see tons of different minecraft modpacks able to download and play. RLCraft is under the featured topic, and you should be able to find it on the page, so once you found it then click on the modpack which will lead you to the modpacks "Overview".

At this point you can see four different page titles called; Overview, Changelog, Screenshots & Versions. In this tutorial only the Versions page is needed, onced clicked will lead you to a page full of RLCraft releases. Continue by pressing the Action icon to download the newest RLCraft release on the right side of the page, the icon is shaped like a downward arrow with an rectangle line under it.

Modpack Setup

Now the modpack will be downloading into your "My Modpacks" page, where you will be able to select different modpacks you installed. Click on the new RLCraft installation you just got, and if you want to edit the modpack feel free to click on the three dots, on the left of the big orange button called "Play". This will open a Selection Menu which you change different stuff for the modpack you installed.


Click on the Profile Options button under the Copy Modpack Link to open a Menu, where you change the name of the modpack, while also being able to choose how much RAM is allocated for RLCraft to run. RLCraft runs best in between 3500 - 4182 MB's of RAM. If you give more, it could cause memory leaking issues. When you have finish your customization, then click on the Done button on the bottom right corner of the menu.

RLCraft Startup

To launch RLCraft, click on the orange Play button. Now you should see a big green button called PLAY, if you don't that and get a Minecraft launcher message, just click cancel to get rid of the popup that askes you check out the new launcher. Onced clicked on the play button, RLCraft will launch as this will take time depending on your system before it's finished loading all the mods in the modpack.

Your first World

Congratulations you have succesfully installed RLCraft for the first time. Feel free to go ahead and click on Singleplayer button to create your first Minecraft World. Name your first world something you want to call it, and expierence the exciting universe of RLCraft. If you want to customize the world, go check out the More World Options button. When your done in the World options menu, click done and then Create New World to build your first RLCraft universe for you to play.


When your done with this tutorial, and need help on how to survive in rlcraft, go check out the beginners guide for new comers. You are now ready for horrors of RLCraft, and begin your first playthrough. If you need further help, you're more than welcome to check out Shivaxi's Discord as they are ready to answer or support you with everything they got.