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If you are still stuck on the installation part of RLCraft, feel free to follow the how to install rlcraft guide.

How to start

You spawn into a new world, and wonder how do I get basic tools to survive in the world of RLCraft. You think to yourself lets try getting wood from a tree, and realise that after breaking the tree nothing happens. Now you give up and go to playing something else. Well that's why this tutorial is here for you to get started in the dangerous world of RLCraft.

First Step

It's recommended to get sticks, which you get from breaking tree leafs. The sticks will be used for further recipes in rlcraft, and this beginners guide. Now the a stick has dropped on the floor, but it doesn't auto collect like normal minecraft. You now have to right-click on the item or shift to pick up items on the floor to get them into your inventory, also it recommended to collect at least two sticks to continue this tutorial.

Second Step

It's now time to find gravel, that is going to be used to craft your first flint knife, and come further in how rlcrafts mechanic works. If you come across small rocks on the floor, you're welcome to pick them up as they can get handy later into the game or early on, if you want to skip the whole finding gravel part.


You can find gravel in common places like near; oceans, rivers, beaches & mountian cliffs. Gravel usualy spawn in what minecraft calls disks.

Small Rocks

Small rocks can be crafted into cobblestone by using your 2x2 crafting grid in the inventory. You can place the cobblestone onto the floor to create a hard surface for you to use to further complete this tutorial guide.

Third Step

Now you have gathered both wooden sticks and gravel, and now you will have to get flint shards, which can be gathered by taking your flint and smashing them on a hard surface like; Cobblestone, Andesite, Diorite or Granite. To smash the flint into flint shards you will have to use the same mechanic as right-clicking to pick up items, and now two pieces of flint shards should have dropped on the ground. To craft the flint knife, use the same grid you used to create the cobblestone. To craft the flint knife, place one stick at the bottom of the crafting grid, and one flint shard on the top of the grid.

How to collect wood

In this part of the tutorial we will explain, how you're going to gather the first piece of wood. To collect wood you need to job of an woodchopper, since rlcraft's mechanic doesn't make it easy. I assume you've crafted your first flint knife at this point, so the next step is to collect plant fiber, which you get by using your flint using to cut grass. At this moment the plant fiber has dropped on the ground, now you need to collect it by using the same pickup mechanic as before, also you will need at least 3 pieces of plant fiber to continue the tutorial.

String fiber

At this point I assume you have the plant fiber in your inventory, if you have then you now need to make it into string fiber, which can be done by using your 2x2 crafting grid. Now place your plant fiber either this "" way, or "" to create your first string fiber.

Flint Axe

It's now time to craft your first flint axe to chop down a tree to further progress into the wild rlcraft. Place your last stick on the left, or right bottom part of the crafting grid, then place one piece of string fiber on the top. The last part is to place a flint shard either on the left or right of the string fiber, depending on how you placed the wooden stick. Congratulations on crafting your first flint axe, to become a woodchopper.

Collect Wood

Now that you have your first flint axe, go chop your first tree down. You now wonder, how do I get wooden tools to mine stuff. Well once you collect the wooden logs from the tree, then place the log on the hard surface, afterwards using your axe to right-click on the log to transform it to wooden planks. When collecting wooden planks, it will depend on chance to get between 2-4 pieces of wood per wooden log.

Tutorial completion

Congratulations on completing the RLCraft tutorial for beginners. If you want a visual approache to the tutorial, please by any means check the Official RLCraft beginners tutorial by Shivaxi himself.

Beginners Guide Tutorial