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Lets gooooooooooo boys!!

Name Roman Rhyse-Klecanda
Age July 13th, 1991 (30)
Born Phoenicia, New York, USA
Occupation DnB music producer, Streamer, DJ
Known for Author of RLCraft, RL-Projects
Skills UScript, ZenScript, DnB producer

For fans of the RL (Real-Life) projects, this article will go over the author, whom made your favourite ideas, that you enjoy to play.


Shivaxi, also known as Roman Rhyse-Klecanda, is a musician and Remix/DnB DJ, who has over the years become very popular for being the author of RLCraft, which is the largest Minecraft modpack to this date. In the earlier part of his life he liked to play Video games on a very old pc system. The most common games he played are Unreal Tournament, F.E.A.R, Unreal Firestorm, the Call & Duty franchise & Dirt 2. In the beginning he was interested in making music that people could listen to. When he was young, he decided to begin making DnB/D&B music & parody remixes of music artists he was listening to a lot. While playing a lot of Unreal Tournament, he then began starting modding the game to fit a more converted game style, which lead to a more realistic gameplay. From this, RLCoop was born. It got expanded throughout the years, and later down the line he also began to create a Skyrim modpack called RLSkyrim, since he was a fan of the whole openworld game genre.

RLCraft Intention

Back in 2018, RLCraft got publicly announced as a downloadable modpack on CurseForge. The idea and configuration began many years before, since back then Shivaxi had this idea on making a realistic, hard, and skillful game. He took a lot of existing Minecraft mods, which got his intention, since they needed to be configured to work, he than created the first config file for RLCraft. RLCraft was first showcased in his letsplay video named,

RLCraft Ep.1 - BLEEDER VOICE REVEAL HYPE (Chroma Hills Adventures Epilogue).

While making RLCraft letsplay videos, he noticed the modpack began to grow in popularity. Because of this, he made a tutorial video to explain how to begin adventuring in the modpack and describing the playstyle to give new-comers a shot to survive. RLCraft at this point had grown so large that players started noticing a lot of bugs, exploits & glitches that made the gameplay unstable and not fun to play. Shivaxi's intention was to make a PvE modpack without giving players a way to break the fun for themselves & online friends. As the community started to grow over time, Shivaxi than began looking through the code to fix issues, destroy exploits and bring balance to the game.

Social Media

If you want to contact Shivaxi, you can get hold of him by using the social media apps, websites & donations, and if feel you want to support him in anyway you can by reading the list of able ways to give him help. Heres a list down blow of the different ways to support Shivaxi:

  • Patreon
  • Youtube
  • Twitch
  • Discord

Shivaxi Merch

Longside the way people can support him, many chooses to buy the RLCraft & Shivaxi merch that he has partnered with Streamlabs, he also has Bonfire merch that you can buy, but his planing on removing it for the public to buy at some point. Theres no end date when his going to official announce that Bonfire merch is no longer going to be buyable.


Shivaxi has knowledge within UScript, which is a modified version of the C++ programming language, besides U-script does he also knows how to write with ZenScript, which is used to help users understand and execute minecraft commands.