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Most users watches youtube videos, when they want to check out new stuff about their favourite content creator, well Shivaxi has a Twitch account which he uses to announce big or minor news to his Twitch "followers". When he streams a lot of that content contains different titles like RLCraft, RLCoop, RLSkyrim, chatting, DJ Session & gameplay for new games on the market. The Twitch account got create back in 2013, 25th of january, but at that timeperiode not a lot of viewers saw his streams, which meant content was bland. Streams slowly grew, and his popularity grew with the account, because RLCraft blew up in 2018. You will see Shivaxi streaming between 12pm & 3pm EST time, from Monday to Sunday. So if you want to catch him, then feel free to give some him support. When he streams on Tuesday you will catch him doing DJ session, where you will hear good Drum & Bass songs, alongside remixes.

Stream Partners

When Shivaxi does special streams, he will talk with his partners going under the names, Stingin, ProbalyStoned, SomeNutzGuy, Phontomen & Reapz. The topic RLCraft will boost his viewer count, because a lot of followers & users asks RLCraft related questions, he also have done a lot of gameplay with different games. You will find these games down below.

Rocket League
No Man's Sky
Unreal Tournament


Throughout the time Shivaxi has spent time on Twitch, he also done a massive charity event for Gamers For Love, to raise money for children who can't afford games while also not being able to survive. The charity is dedicated to easing suffering, saving lives, and creating sustainable futures for children. When the livestream ended Shivaxi raised the total of 4053$ to support Gamers For Love.


At this moment he is doing a Donation goal to reach enough money to pay for the Dentist bill. The Price for the Dentist surgery is about 14000$, because of the two Root-Canals and eight crowns that has to be fixed.